OneEmpower's OneLoyalty application suite provides a comprehensive set of functions and features to facilitate both product-specific and bank-wide customer loyalty management. This enables the bank to administer and manage customer rewards and incentives and cross-selling and marketing programs for the business's entire range of products, services and channels.

OneLoyalty application suite is built on the industry's most modern and innovative web-based architecture that offers the openness, flexibility, security and scalability needed to power the growing needs of banks. OneLoyalty is modular in design, can be implemented incrementally, and can be integrated with existing investments.

Rewards Management
OneLoyalty provide the most powerful and comprehensive reward engine allowing reward criteria and formulas to be based on combination of many attributes such as product, customer segmentation, merchant, channel, date/time, etc.

OneLoyalty support for SmartCard-based and Host-based real-time reward engine, and also Host-based batch reward engine.

Campaign Management
OneLoyalty support many types of campaigns and can be run at the same time, these include basic "always-on" campaigns as well as short-term promotional campaigns. All campaigns can be specified to be effective in a given interval

Cross-Border Transaction Support
The multi-currency module from OneLoyalty provide cross-border multi-currency transaction support, the module allows a customer from one country to have a transaction at the terminal of a participating merchant in another country. We also provide settlement report capabilities to support the cross-border settlement.

OneLoyalty application can be used as a terminal management, channel management, merchant management, customer service support functions, reporting and data analytics fucntions.

Electronic Purse (Prepaid Card) Solutions


OnePurse™ is a prepaid card solution implemented using smartcard technology that enables retailers to issue prepaid cards for payments in a secure way with no fear of fraud. It is available both as a hosted solution as well as on a licensed basis.

OnePurse™ is an electronic purse (e-purse) application based on chipcard technology. It is a comprehensive solution covering card issuance and management, merchant acquisition and MIS reporting needs. OnePurse™ includes an option to integrate with OneLoyalty™, the customer loyalty solution used most widely in the region.

OnePurse™ support for purchase transaction services, besides that, it also support as the terminal management, settlement needs, reporting and whole lot more.

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